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    How to Wear a Hat with Your Suit

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Just 50 years ago, most men wouldn’t leave the house without first donning a hat. Back then, a hat was the perfect finish to a stylish ensemble. Although hats aren’t as popular as they once were, millions of stylish men have rediscovered their appeal. Here is a brief look at how you should choose and wear a hat to go with your suit:  

    Select a flattering style

    There are numerous kinds of hats that go well with suits, including bowlers, fedoras, porkpies, and caps. When choosing a style, you should consider how formal you want to your hat to look. For example, a fedora has a much sleeker shape than a newsboy cap.

    Get the right brim size

    Shorter-brimmed fedoras are currently in vogue. However, wider brims are better for blocking the sun. You should consider your face’s shape and features when selecting a brim size—a wider-brimmed hat is flattering choice for men with long faces, while short brims are better for men with smaller heads.

    Match it to your suit

    You should have a suit in mind when you buy a hat. Although hats don’t have to match the accompanying suit precisely, it’s nice if there’s some resemblance. For example, a grey hat should be paired with a similarly shaded suit. However, many men can pull off a hat-suit contrast to great effect.

    Tip it to the side

    Wearing a hat straight on your head can make you look like a square. In order to give yourself a style and attitude, you should tip your hat to the side. This goes for bowlers, fedoras, caps, and other many other hat styles. You might also push your hat back for a more casual look.

    Although hats can look good with virtually any outfit, they look their best when paired with a custom suit. If you’re tired of scouring off-the-rack suit stores, you should call Mohan’s Custom Tailors at (888) 434-1657. With more than 14,000 suit and shirt fabrics to choose from, you’re bound to find your ideal suit style at Mohan’s.

    Mohan's Custom Tailors Review | "Superior Workmanship!"

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Superior Workmanship! Your service is excellent and workmanship superior! I have bought other custom tailored suits and shirts of higher price than yours but they are half good as yours. Thanks and I will return again in the very near future. More
    Jeff B.

    The Benefits of a Shoe Shine

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Many men assume that no one looks at their feet. However, good-looking shoes are flattering components of any outfit—especially if those shoes are well-maintained.  

    This short video from discusses the importance of regular shoe shines. Not only can a shoe shine make your shoes look more stylish; it can also lengthen their life span. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on shoes, you should make sure they look good for years to come.

    A nice pair of shoes should have an elegant suit to match. If you’d like to add a custom suit to your closet, call Mohan’s Custom Tailors at (888) 434-1657. Mohan Ramchandani has more than 40 years of experience making exquisite suits for men like you.

    Mohan's Custom Tailors Review | "Better Than Anything I Could Buy In A Retail Store"

    Last updated 2 years ago

    • on Insider Pages
    • "I've been wearing Mohan's shirts to the office nearly every day for the past several years now. The shirts fit better than anything I could buy in a retail store and still look great even after countless trips to the drycleaner. I've also been very pleased with the suit I bought recently as well." Thanks and I will definitely be... More

      Chuck B.

    Cuff Styles for Your Bespoke Suit

    Last updated 2 years ago

    If you’re like most men, you probably gesticulate while speaking. As a result, people notice your hands and wrists more than you might assume. In order to make a good impression, you should carefully decide which cuffs to include on your bespoke suit. Here’s a brief look at the various cuff styles for jackets, dress shirts, and trousers:

    French cuff

    A French cuff is a type of dress shirt cuff that’s folded in on itself. Also called double cuffs, French cuffs are mainly reserved for formal occasions, as their relative thickness allows them to accommodate cufflinks very well. If you’d like a dress shirt that goes well with a tuxedo or a formal power suit, then you should opt for French cuffs.

    Single cuff

    A single cuff is not folded in on itself, and is a subtler option than the French cuff. For this reason, single cuffs are better for more casual dress shirts. If you wear a large watch, you should consider a dress shirt with a single cuff—that way, your wrist has more room to breathe.

    Jacket cuff

    Though many modern jacket cuffs have buttons sewn on them, they’re mostly decorative. However, some men opt for cuffs with functional buttons, also known as “surgeon’s cuffs.” Most jacket cuffs typically have three or four buttons, though some men go up to five. The best way to make a decision is to try each cuff style and see how you like them.

    Pant cuff

    Trousers with cuffed legs were extremely popular in the 20th century. Cuffed legs can accentuate the fact that your trousers are custom-made, and are more appropriate for formal suits. Unfortunately, trouser cuffs can make a short man appear even shorter.

    For more information about the various cuff styles, contact Mohan’s Custom Tailors. Our skilled tailors can design and create dress shirts, jackets, and trousers of all styles and shapes. Call us at (888) 434-1657 and get one step closer to owning an exquisite bespoke suit.

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